EVE Hub & Corporate Management

This application I wrote to be able to play EVE Online without actually having to care at all about it. It has been quite useful throughout the years. Here is a description from the help file I wrote.

Inventory Status allows you to check all of your blueprints and compare them to the market
orders. Once it gathers that information it then generates a list of items with less than 5 in current inventory.

It has a few options. You can decide to gather your personal blue prints, the ones in corporate
hangars, or both.

You can also limit the search of blue prints to a specific solar system.

On the other hand you can check your personal market orders, corporate market orders, or both.

Along with the items that you have less than 5 in inventory you get the production cost of that item
gathered from the mineral pricing from the buy cost and a production cost gathered from the sale
cost. You can additionally raise the sales cost an additional percent with the extra profit slider.

Job Status allows you to check the Industry and Research jobs of your character so you don't have to
log in on each. Each event will hold the local time when it ends. Events marked in green are finished. Events
that show completed have been delivered.

Orphaned Items is an option to verify which items have been forgotten around the EVE universe.
This is specifically useful when you are making wide region orders of minerals as it helps you verify
when you have enough to even bother to undock.

POS fuel status is pretty much self explanatory. Lists all your corporate POS and their fuel status
so you don't require to undock.

Download EVE Orders from the Web

*It might be necessary to install SQLite.NET 32 bit version (yes even on 64 bit platform) for .NET 3.5 SP1, and install it into the GAC. You can download it from here: http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wiki